Together, we’ve eliminated

1,294,556 single-use plastic bags


We’re dedicated to making a greater impact together.

Research has identified that Canadians use over 1 billion plastic bags a year with only 11% of plastic actually being recycled.

Let’s work together to eliminate single-use plastic bags from our environment. Starting with small changes, together we can. Choose to reuse where possible and say no to single- use, whether it be dining out, grocery shopping or gift wrapping.

For every BetterBag you purchase, you are eliminating a minimum of 408 single-time use plastic bags in your lifetime. This estimate is based on weekly usage over a four year period.

Keep spreading the word. Our goal is to eliminate ALL single-use shopping bags by making it the norm to bring your own bags to reuse time and again.


Together small changes can create a positive lasting impact for tomorrow.


Empowering families to make a difference and take pride in contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment.


By simply living your own version of a low waste lifestyle, you are inspiring others in your community to do the same.


We are committed to personal growth and continued learning.
We want to celebrate those who are making positive changes within our communities, share their stories and encourage others to do their best.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, its the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead

Before starting the DO BETTER CO., I was a Denturist by trade and had a thriving business in the GTA.  I loved creating smiles for my patients, the only problem was that I never got to see my family! Leaving the house for work before my children were awake and arriving home to find them sleeping in their beds most nights left me feeling like finding balance being a successful working mom in this profession was next to impossible.  I struggled with giving up on my profession and the business I had worked so hard to build, but missing my children grow up was not aligning with my core values.  Subsequently, I began experiencing reoccurring pain and stiffness in my hands while working, and it became unbearable during my pregnancy with my third child.  I needed to take a break, not only for my own wellbeing, but more for the safety of my patients.  When a year on leave had passed, and my hands didn’t feel better, instead of returning to work on modified duties, I felt the need to start working on my passion…saving mother nature.

In my own home, we began our low waste journey 4 years ago, starting with small easy changes.  The first was reusable produce bags.  I tried a few different materials but struggled to find the perfect fit for us.  Finally I sourced my own material and started making them myself at our home in the Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada.

In the summer of 2019 we took our bags to the local Collingwood Farmers Market and had an overwhelming response from our small (but mighty) community! This encouraging and positive response sparked a fire in my entrepreneurial soul and propelled my small initiative to expand this little business; making what I believe to be responsible and impactful reusable products that will hopefully change the way we as a society shop, ultimately reducing single-use plastic waste on an exponential scale.

At the DO BETTER CO., we are earth ambassadors! Our goal is to help our community, both locally and beyond, to rethink how disposable goods are wasted. We are dedicated to the environment, and believe that each one of us is responsible for the impact our choices make on our planet. Starting locally with one small change in reducing single use plastics, try using our eco-friendly, reusable BetterBag and join us in making a huge impact!


Working as a part time Denturist and a full time Mother of two rambunctious boys, my focus in life has been primarily on raising my young family. It was only a few years ago that my sister Jodie and I began discussing our awareness of the amount of plastic we were using and wasting. During this time, my realisation of the massive plastic problem happening in our world had been triggered, and I couldn’t help but think of what changes I could make to limit my family’s waste. Jodie was just starting to make her own reusable produce bags, and that’s how my path to adopting a lower waste lifestyle began.

It truly is all about taking the time to consider what small changes can you make that work for your household. Before long, I noticed the changes I was making made an impression on others. While grocery shopping and using my BetterBags instead of grocery store plastic produce bags, the people around me who were also selecting their fruits and vegetables or the cashier at the checkout counter would comment about what a wonderful idea these bags were and would inquire where they could get some just like mine. In turn, I also began recognizing others who were adopting low waste habits and would ask them about the changes they have adopted, expanding on my knowledge of how to Do Better.

Today, I can say that my life’s focus still remains on raising my family, although my perspective has shifted and I am now doing this through a lens of eco-awareness. Whether we’re running around to various hockey rinks, or taking a road trip to the cottage, my children are learning about making purposeful decisions to bring their own reusable items from home, and to be careful about what we purchase and consume as a family. We are now much more mindful of what we throw away, and we are learning to ask ourselves, “Do we need this? Can this be reused or repurposed? Can we think of a better option?”

Teaching our children to be kind to others, and to think of how they impact others around them by being considerate and thoughtful, draws a powerful parallel to how these mindful actions can carry over into being compassionate and thoughtful of our environment. Also, taking the time to consider that we can positively affect others by being generous and confident leaders can demonstrate how all of these choices can translate into feelings of happiness in our own hearts. This is how our family has chosen to Do Better, and we hope to encourage others to join us!