Black Lives Matter – BetterBag 4-pack

$22.99 CAD

Black Lives Matter. We stand together in solidarity for equality, justice and meaningful systematic change. 

As a coalition of Black community members, students, artists, activists and organizers working for the elimination of anti-Black racism, state-sanctioned and institutional violence, we stand with you.  We’ve created limited edition black-coloured BetterBags packs and 100% of profits will be donated to Black Lives Matter Toronto.

Better Bags are proudly Made In Canada!

There is a simple way to begin making small, yet positive habit forming changes into your weekly grocery shopping routine. Bringing your reusable BetterBags with you when shopping for your produce and bulk items will make a significant impact in working towards eliminating single use plastics in our supermarkets…together, this small change can create a positive ripple effect in how we do our shopping.




Together, let’s eliminate the need for single-use plastics

Super Stretch

We’ve done the test! These bags stretch, allowing for a wide variety of foods to fit, eliminating the need for different sized bags. We’ve tried a large variety of shapes, sizes and weights of the foods and we’ve easily fit 15 large Honey Crisp apples in our bags with no worry about rips or tears to the product…try them out for yourself!


Machine washable and quick to dry. While we don’t have a guarantee on how long they last, our families have been using them weekly for over four years now and have yet to experience tears in the mesh or rips in our seams!


Weighing in at 0.015g these bags don’t add to the cost of your food, no need to tare the bag weight before using it. Not to worry if your produce is wet, our bags do not retain the moisture.

Multi-directional micro-mesh

The micro mesh design of our bags works perfectly for holding small items from the bulk section such as grains, rice and quinoa. You can also use the bags as a strainer for making your own nut/oat milks. These multi-purpose bags can also keep your produce fresher for longer because of the breathable material.

Versatile and multi-use

1. The Market/Grocery Store: I use my bags primarily at the market/grocery store to eliminate the need for single use plastic produce bags. You know when you go to the store for green beans at 3pm and cook them at 6pm for dinner? Yeah that plastic bag, had a 3-hour life span.

2.      Bulk Food Store/ Refillary: We shop plastic free whenever possible so that means getting our rice, nuts, pasta and soap at the local bulk store or refillary. Before we shop we bring our bags to the counter so they can be weighed and inspected for cleanliness. Once we’ve filled our bags we bring them back to be re-weighed with the food inside. The weight of the bag is first subtracted so you only pay for what’s inside. (0.015grams). Once I get the bags home I transfer my rice into a sealed re-useable jar.

3.      Nut milks: We use our bags to make nut milks vs a specific nut bag. Once you’ve strained, soaked and blended your nuts just pour the contents through your BetterBag and squeeze all the liquid through. YUM

4.      Vacation: They are amazing when you need to bring something like a swim suit or sunscreen to the beach and helpful when packing too!

5.      Everyday: I always keep a better bag in the car just in case I make an unexpected stop and need a small bag.

Additional information

Weight1.5 g
Dimensions90 × 60 × 90 in


Size Options

Since our fabric has super stretch, it eliminates the need for different sizes. Unless of course you NEED to have your entire mammoth sized kale inside the bag…then sorry. We kinda like the kale hanging out of the bag like a bunch of flowers but we may make one size bigger (in the future) for the people who really like having their whole kale/celery/green onions in the bag ;)


Our fabric is a blend of Nylon, Polyester and Spandex. We tested a lot of materials before deciding on this blend and for a long time struggled with having a product that wasn’t biodegradable. In the end we picked this blend for re-usability factor, durability and multi-functionality!

Care Instructions

Easy to clean, either machine wash in cold water, or a light scrubby-dubby by hand with just drop of your favourite detergent. These little baggies are so thin and light weight, just hang them to dry and they’ll be ready to use again in a flash.