Cotton Market Net Bag

$12.99 CAD

The Net or “string” type bag has been used throughout history and across many different cultures as a staple for carrying a variety of items. Our market NetBags continue this long standing tradition of utilizing sustainable, reusable, lightweight yet durable material for these compact and versatile bags.




Perfect for grocery or market shopping, it is surprising how much these small yet mighty bags can hold! The long handle design is stylish and convenient for easy over the shoulder wear. The NetBag is also useful for holding more than just groceries and produce; they work wonderfully for a trip to the beach, holding beach toys, towels, water bottles and an endless variety of different shaped/sized items for a multitude of purposes. Our family uses our NetBags wherever we go! Whether we’re off to the library, the shopping mall, a picnic in the park, or even for school; the nature friendly “Better Benefits” of this reusable multipurpose bag are endless!

Additional information

Size options

This is a one size fits most things kind of bag! It holds more that you think, no need for different sizes!


100% Cotton



Care instructions

Cold wash with like colours, no bleach, hang to dry.


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